RUKUS by yasuhiro tomita

What started as a collection of natural and uncut stones evolved into a journey and passion project leading into a world of jewelry design. In 2006 Yasuhiro Tomita (Tommy) launched the accessories brand RUKUS. From 2009 through his success in Canada, he grew the brand, creating couture pieces for a modern woman.
In 2013 Tommy, was named Best Accessory Designer in The Best of Vancouver 2013 by The Georgia Straight, a newspaper in Vancouver, Canada.
From 2016, His brand has been a keystone at Isetan's flagship store and Isetan Salone through pop-up shops. In the spring of the same year, he released a limited collection with "Japan Bridge Mitsukoshi X RUKUS" featuring Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture.
"BAMBI X RUKUS," a collaboration line with artist BAMBI NAKA, has been sold exclusively at Isetan and Mitsukoshi since 2017. At the same time, sales started at the Isetan online store. (currently in its 5th collection)
The upcycling line "RUKUS X People Tree" was launched in 2018. The collaboration with the fair-trade specialty brand "People Tree." Donates portion of the proceeds to an education center in India supported by the Tara Project in India through People Tree to support children's education.
Costume Artist: Kumi Koda, AI, Superfly, Flower, E-girls, Shonan no Kaze

"Social Responsibility as a Brand"
Since the inception of RUKUS in 2006, we have provided various forms of support domestically and internationally. From 2011~2019, we supported the areas affected by the Fukushima earthquake. In 2015, we held a fashion show and sent donations to the Japan Muscular Dystrophy Association, a foundation for muscular dystrophy research. This incurable condition is a driving force behind much of the designers work and ambition as he suffers from the disease. In 2016, he supported the areas affected by the Kumamoto Earthquake through his own organization, KIRA KIRA TOKYO. He has continued to support the Fukushima Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake, and other disaster-stricken areas in Japan and globally. A portion of all sales of tarot cards and angel card readings by RUKUS designers remains allocated towards relief.
Since 2018, we include organic cotton and fair-trade parts into the materials of our products, jewelry, and clothing to create products that are environmentally friendly. In addition, during 2018~2019, we donated a portion of the sales of fair-trade products and some new products to the Tara Project in India through People Tree Japan as an educational support fund for children in India as an activity to eliminate child labor in India. At the same time, he held classes on the theme of "Social responsibility" as a guest speaker at Temple University, Japan Campus, and Hosei University.
RUKUS designer Japanese born Yasuhiro Tomita (Tommy) moved to Vancouver, BC CANADA, in 2011. From 2014 he returned to Japan. He began collecting gem rocks in 2005, which he attributes to his introduction into becoming an accessories designer. He volunteers as a qigong & crystal healer. His journey, medaled by crystal healing, macrobiotic, homeopathy, and naturopathy, lead to him unlocking a desire to help others. He has started his original Jewelry brand, RUKUS, in 2006. He began a collaboration line, RUKUS x RWANDA, that contributed 50% of sales to the studio in RWANDA. In 2009, he started managing his own clothing line, RUKUS by Yasuhiro Tomita. He founded the creative group exhibition, KIRA KIRA TOKYO, which featured many artists and designers of Tokyo & Vancouver in 2009, continuing until 2016. RUKUS presented his first men's collection fall/resort 2012 at Vancouver Men's Fashion Week in 2011. Also, RUKUS presented his men's collection of spring/summer 2013 at Vancouver Men's Fashion Week in 2012. RUKUS was chosen as 'The Best Accessories Designer in Vancouver' at the Vancouver's local newspaper 'The Georgia Straight' in 2013. After moving back to Japan in 2014, RUKUS has been organizing its own POP-UP SHOP especially at ISETAN & MITSUKOSHI department store in Tokyo.
Social responsibility

RUKUS supported many charities globally and abroad including Rwanda, Myanmar, Haiti, Canada & Japan. Since 2011 until now, RUKUS has been supporting victims in Fukushima through his work. RUKUS supports an organization of Muscular dystrophy. Since 2016, RUKUS has been supporting victims in Kumamoto.

 RUKUS by yasuhiro tomita


2013年には、バンクーバー(カナダ)の新聞社、The Georgia StraightのThe Best of Vancouver in 2013にて、ベストアクセサリーデザイナーに選ばれる
2016年より 伊勢丹本店、イセタンサローネでのポップアップショップを開催。同年の春には、秋田県湯沢市をフィーチャーした「日本橋三越本店xRUKUS」との限定コレクションを発表
2017年より アーティストBAMBI NAKAとのコラボレーションライン、「BAMBI X RUKUS」のコレクションを伊勢丹、三越にて限定販売。同時に伊勢丹オンラインストアストアでも販売がスタート。(2024年現在5th コレクション)

2018年よりフェアトレード専門ブランド「ピープルツリー」とのコラボレーションによりアップサイクリングライン「RUKUS X People Tree」がスタート。こちらの売り上げの一部をピープルツリーを通じてインドのタラ・プロジェクトが支援するインドの教育センターへ子供たちの教育支援金として寄付を行う。(2024年現在は、女性たちが学ぶ縫製訓練所への支援活動を継続)
衣装提供アーティスト : 倖田來未, AI, Superfly, Flower, E-girls, 湘南乃風


2006年のブランド立ち上げ当初より、国内外(主にルワンダなどの発展途上国)へのサポートを様々な形で行って参りました。2011年~2019年は、福島地震の被災地支援。2015年にはデザイナー自身も持っている難病、筋ジストロフィーを支援する団体、一般社団法人日本筋ジストロフィー協会への寄付活動をファッションショーなどを通じて開催。2016年には熊本地震の被災地支援を自身の運営するKIRA KIRA TOKYOを通じて、2017年からはRUKUSデザイナーによるタロットカード/エンジェルカード・リーディングの売上の一部~全額を福島地震、熊本地震など国内の被災地支援を続けて参りました。
2018年からは、商品(ジュエリー、ウェア)の素材にオーガニックコットンやフェアトレードで作られたパーツを取り入れ、環境に考慮した商品づくりを心がけています。また、2018年~2019年の間、フェアトレード商品や一部新商品の売り上げの一部をインドの児童労働を無くす活動として、ピープルツリージャパンを通してインドのタラプロジェクトへ子供たちの教育支援金として寄付を行いました。同時にテンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス、法政大学にて「Social responsibility」をテーマにした授業をゲストスピーカーとして開催。


RUKUS by yasuhiro tomita
contact: rukus.tomita@gmail.com